Fruit ripening
Molecular, physiological and biochemical mechanisms of fruit ripening, postharvest control
Fruit defense
Molecular, and biochemical mechanisms of fruit response to abiotic and biotic stresses, sustainable agriculture, functional microbiome
Gene editing
Functional analysis based on omics data for improvement of fruit crops
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Fruit biotechnology for the sustainable future of fruit farming and industry



Grapes do not only possess intrinsic nutritional value, but they are also valuable due to the ever growing wine market.

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Tomato possesses a significant nutritional value and is one of the most widely consumed crops worldwide.

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Other fruits

Other fruits

We have occasional biotechnological projects in other fruit species and crops.

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what we do

Fruit crops improvement based on multiomics and functional analysis using gene editing

Transcriptomics, Transcriptional profiling
Metabolomics,   Metabolic profiling
Functional analysis, CRISPR
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