In @revistaSABADO, the📰"🍅against cancer" features an interview with the CEO at #InPP @Pfevereiro1. He talks about evolution and safety of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and anti-GMO movement, on the pretext of approving purple🍅cultivation in 🇺🇸.🧵

📰The research Topic highlighted the growing effort in the investigation of disease control methods against grapevine pathogens. 🍇
@FrontPlantSci @FC_UL @BioISI

🏆After being the Editor´s choice of @JXBot (Volume 72, Issue 18), our article received the #CNOIV Distinction Award 2022 in the #Viticulture category (@IVVIPOFICIAL ). 🍇

Skin #chloroplasts from green and mature #grapes (cv. #Vinhão) have distinct #proteomes suggesting different physiological roles.🍇
@UMinho_Oficial @FC_UL @BioISI

Our new article in the Journal of Plant Growth Regulation shows that the basal #hormonal content seems to determine the type of interaction between #grapevine and the causal agent of #Powdery #mildew. 🍇🦠

@SpringerPlants @BioISI @LEAF22312605 @MPI_CE

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