🎉We congratulate @HelenaFSantos for the defence of her PhD dissertation entitled "Remodelling of grape cell wall upon infection with biotrophic and necrotrophic pathogens". 🍇🦠 

May you achieve remarkable success in your future!

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Unlocking the secrets of GRAS transcription factors: From their structural intricacies to regulatory networks and implications for plant development. #GeneRegulation #PlantScience

#GRAS are a plant-specific family of TFs implicated in regulating transcriptional reprogramming associated with diverse biological functions ranging from #plant #development processes to #stress responses.
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Our participation at the 3rd EUGLOH Plant Science Meeting at @Uporto:
- Melatonin treatment retards fungal decay in postharvest table grapes;
- Assessment of primary metabolism in harvest-ripe grapes under asymptomatic and symptomatic Esca disease;


🎉We congratulate Sasha Lucena Maciel for the exceptional defence of her MSc entitled "Drought Stress in Grapevine – Exploring the Potential of the Soil Microbiome" (19/ 20).

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